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Information Kit: Victims of Identity Theft

Comprehensive Identity Theft Information

Secure Florida's Identity Theft page

Florida Attorney's Identity Theft website
A complete resource from the Florida Attorney General. Included are:

Florida Identity Theft Laws

817.568, F.S.: Criminal Use of Personal Identification Information
Florida's primary statute for the crime of identity theft.
501.0051, F.S.: Keeping I.D. Safe (KIDS) Act (effective 1 July 2014)
Allows putting a "credit freeze" on the credit report of a minor.
  • Established by House Bill 151 & Senate Bill 242

501.171, F.S.: Florida Information Protection Act of 2014
Establishes the steps to be taken, including notifying the affected parties, whenever there has been a breach of personal information

Obtaining a Credit Report

Each of the three major credit bureaus is required by law to give you a free report yearly.
Click here to start the process:

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